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Backache ::
Are tensions and back pains the new widespread disease?

The dagger in the back: Around 90% of adults in the civilized countries are affected by this in the course of their lives. 50% of these have “low back pain”, in other words, pain in the area of the lumbar vertebra.

Those who are affected are recommended a “back friendly behavior”, especially when lifting and carrying heavy or bulky loads, and an ergonomically adapted workplace. Training of the muscles and special complementary exercises can contribute to relieving back pains according to expert opinions. The list of causes is varied and long: wear and tear due to old age, tension, lack of exercise, overload due to one-sided strain, or diseases of the spine.


Toothpaste can’t do anything against painful back tension. BEMER on the other hand can improve circulation in the smallest blood vessels 
and regularize the metabolism of the back muscles. 


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