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Broken bones ::
Things could be a lot worse!

When a bone is fractured (broken bone) the surrounding tissue can also be injured, to differing extents. The most frequently occurring injuries of this type are broken wrist bones, feet and toes, ankles, the shoulder area (collarbone and head of upper arm), as well as, in persons of a certain age, fractures of the spine and hip joint. In principle, therapeutic procedure for broken bones follows the same pattern: the bones are fixated in the most stable way possible, so that they can “rest” and grow back together. Technical advances from the stable invasive fixation of bone fragments using plates or screws mean that the chances of the body being able to heal and repair itself have considerably increased.


So things could be a lot worse! Even if they are bad, we don’t have to resort to “reinforcing” broken bones; the body’s own natural healing processes will do the work. BEMER encourages circulation in the smallest blood vessels and thus provides a significant basis for healing and recovery. 


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