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Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder leading to the malfunctioning of blood sugar level regulation. The blood sugar level rises especially after foods rich in carbohydrates have been consumed. The hormone insulin is then produced, which speeds up the transport of glucose to the cells, thereby lowering the blood sugar level. In cases of type 1 diabetes, there are insufficient levels of insulin due to the destruction of those cells producing insulin. In contrast, type 2 diabetes is characterized by increasing insensitivity of the cells towards insulin. Diabetics often suffer from various accompanying and secondary diseases, in particular of the nerves and blood vessels and also of organs such as the heart, brain, kidneys and eyes. When diabetics have wounds, these generally do not heal as well.


Diabetes is not curable in most cases. By improving circulation in the smallest blood vessels BEMER can improve many symptoms of the disease and the quality of life generally.

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