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The BEMER Helps Foundation donates 10,000 Swiss Francs to the Swiss Children’s Hospice

Basel, 5 August 2014 – In contrast to most neighboring European countries there is still...details

Cooperation between NASA and BEMER

This is a high degree of recognition and underlines BEMER technology’s widespread...details

BEMER Anniversary Congress 2013 sold out

1,000 interesting guests. VIPs from the worlds of sport and entertainment. An exciting...details

BEMER greatly relieves my ailments

He won a total 49 tournaments in singles tennis and 15 in the doubles. He triumphed in...details

Test Rating: Very good!

In its 09/13 edition, the independent online magazine www.testlabor.eu tested the BEMER...details

Martina Willing at the BEMER Health Fair in Berlin

Berlin, 08.22.2013 – Martina Willing is blind and paralyzed. That’s one part of the...details

15 Years of Service – For Your Health

Triesen, 08.01.2013 – Microcirculation sounds complicated, but it is merely a medical...details

Feel Good Without Taking Drugs!

Triesen, 06.18.2013 – In 1987 the United Nations declared July 26 the worldwide Anti-Drug...details

Great November weather in June, the beginning of summer.

Triesen, 05.28.2013 – If you don’t want to spend the summer indoors, you’ll certainly...details

World MS Day on May 29th: New perspectives for sufferers.

Triesen, 05.13.2013 – „“Was that it? What do I do now?” Being diagnosed with “Multiple...details

Mother’s Day is on May 12th. What mothers really want.

Triesen, 05.03.2013 – Getting up, getting the children ready, making their bag lunches,...details

If only we could talk to our bodies.

Budapest, 19.04.2013 – Microcirculation sounds like a complex topic – it is however...details

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