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The BEMER Helps Foundation donates 10,000 Swiss Francs to the Swiss Children’s Hospice :: A shared commitment to the first children’s hospice in Switzerland 14.08.2014

Basel, 5 August 2014 – In contrast to most neighboring European countries there is still...details

Cooperation between NASA and BEMER :: 21.02.2014

This is a high degree of recognition and underlines BEMER technology’s widespread...details

BEMER Anniversary Congress 2013 sold out :: 07.10.2013

1,000 interesting guests. VIPs from the worlds of sport and entertainment. An exciting...details

BEMER greatly relieves my ailments :: 20.09.2013

He won a total 49 tournaments in singles tennis and 15 in the doubles. He triumphed in...details

Test Rating: Very good! :: The BEMER Pro Set in online magazine’s testing laboratory 10.09.2013

In its 09/13 edition, the independent online magazine www.testlabor.eu tested the BEMER...details

Martina Willing at the BEMER Health Fair in Berlin :: For top athletes, the chronically ill and all those in between. 22.08.2013

Berlin, 08.22.2013 – Martina Willing is blind and paralyzed. That’s one part of the...details

15 Years of Service – For Your Health :: BEMER® Physical Vascular Therapy Is Celebrating Its Anniversary! 02.08.2013

Triesen, 08.01.2013 – Microcirculation sounds complicated, but it is merely a medical...details

Feel Good Without Taking Drugs! :: The BEMER alternative to the International Anti-Drug Day. 19.06.2013

Triesen, 06.18.2013 – In 1987 the United Nations declared July 26 the worldwide Anti-Drug...details

Great November weather in June, the beginning of summer. :: How to keep colds at bay using BEMER. 28.05.2013

Triesen, 05.28.2013 – If you don’t want to spend the summer indoors, you’ll certainly...details

World MS Day on May 29th: New perspectives for sufferers. :: BEMER therapy – an example from research findings 15.05.2013

Triesen, 05.13.2013 – „“Was that it? What do I do now?” Being diagnosed with “Multiple...details

Mother’s Day is on May 12th. What mothers really want. :: Flowers wilt. BEMER stays. 03.05.2013

Triesen, 05.03.2013 – Getting up, getting the children ready, making their bag lunches,...details

If only we could talk to our bodies. :: International BEMER Experts Conference in Budapest 22.04.2013

Budapest, 19.04.2013 – Microcirculation sounds like a complex topic – it is however...details

On German Vein Day, don’t forget to give your body its daily “spring clean”. :: BEMER improves circulation in the smallest blood vessels. 18.04.2013

Triesen, 04.18.2013 – Veins lead the blood back to the heart and are also transportation...details

DJ Bobo and Marc Girardelli donate EUR 20,000 to World Food Program. :: As an expert on human blood circulation, BEMER Int. AG supports VIP charity event with two teams 17.04.2013

Ischgl. When stars such as DJ Bobo, Marc Girardelli, Patrick Ortlieb, Jan Ulrich, Marco...details

Scorpions Rocker Rudolf Schenker sleeps with BEMER. :: Rock oldie Rudolf Schenker reveals how he keeps fit at his age. 16.04.2013

Schwarmstedt.Rudolf Schenker is the head and main composer of one of the most successful...details

BEMER étonne la presse :: 13.02.2013

"Marlies Schild prête pour les Championnats du monde grâce à un appareil miracle", tel...details

BEMER-Science-Award 2012
„Science Award“ :: 10.09.2012

... décerné à trois personnalités de la recherche BEMER.details

BEMER_lucky winner
Jörg Birke is the lucky winner of 500 euros :: 30.08.2012

It‘s no news that BEMER has more than a million users around the world. However, BEMER...details

BEMER Finnland Olympia Partner
Official provider :: of vascular therapy devices for the Finnish Olympic Team 05.07.2012

BEMER Finland began its co-operation with top athletes in 2010 when athletes such as...details

BEMER_1. International BEMER Academy
1. International BEMER Academy :: 22.05.2012

Altogether, 35 participants came to the first International BEMER Academy, which took...details

Meeting of Country Agencies in Triesen :: 22.05.2012

The world as guests at BEMER: From 04/18 to 04/20, BEMER management welcomed the...details

BEMER_Sports Ambassador Marc Giradelli
BEMER Sports Ambassador Marc Girardelli :: 22.05.2012

Passing on the passion – that’s the motto of the 5-time World Cup Champion who got to...details

Contest for Facebook Fans :: 10.02.2012

Full speed ahead at the social media level. As soon as the BEMER Facebook community has...details

BEMER_Tage der offenen Tür
Open Days from March 16th - 18th 2012 :: 08.02.2012

Here we go again! From March 16th - 18th 2012, BEMER is opening its doors to interested...details

Le prix de la recherche :: 15.11.2011

Pour ses travaux de recherche effectués pendant des décennies dans le domaine de la...details

Prix des valeurs pour BEMER :: 15.11.2011

Network-Karriere a jugé que l'atmosphère familiale, le régime de rémunération...details

Le congrès des entrepreneurs :: 14.11.2011

BEMER a appelé – les entrepreneurs sont venus. Le dernier week-end dernier d'octobre à...details

BEMER_iF communication design award pour BEMER
iF communication design award pour BEMER :: 08.11.2011

L'enthousiasme chez BEMER est grand: La brochure Corporate Identity de BEMER Int. AG a...details

BEMER_Headquarter eröffnet
L'inauguration du siège :: 27.10.2011

Après 12 ans de croissance constante, nos anciens locaux sont devenus trop étroits pour...details

BEMER_Red dot Preisverleihung
Cérémonie officielle de la remise du prix red dot à Essen :: 27.10.2011

Exclamation de joie au siège du Liechtenstein: BEMER gagne le red dot pour chacun des...details


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